eighteen month update.


Appearance and Growth:
His hair has finally grown in at the front, so it looks (a little) less crazy, but remains perfectly vertical at all times. His appetite has really increased lately, so he’s getting some good toddler chub on him. All the better for cuddling him with.

On the move:
This month he has become much more confident with climbing and with going down the slide if I’m holding his hands. He follows in his brother’s lead, which has given them both extra confidence, and they like to go off exploring in the park and woods together.

Food and drink:
Finally, FINALLY he has started to show that he is done with his food by pushing his plate away from him, rather than throwing his left overs onto the floor / up the walls. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a done deal, but we are on our way to civilised meal times people! His appetite has been much bigger than normal this month and I think he’s eating a wider range of foods too, although peanut butter sandwiches, Pom Bears and fruit still trump everything else of course.

This morning I took him to a toddler group for the first time, after swearing off them more than a year ago. He really loved it, especially getting paint everywhere and riding in the big push along cars. He is due to start a few short mornings at preschool after his second birthday *sob* so I think it will be good to get him used a slightly more chaotic environment, not that it seemed to bother him today. He’s started to enjoy playing with cars and vehicles recently, pushing them along and saying ‘Mmm, mmm’.

Wake up times continue to be on the respectable side of 6am and we even had a few 6.45am lie ins. Possibly as a result of me pushing his nap a little later, possibly because he decided we are all just done with starting our day at 5am. Amen to that.

Here are the words that #2 can say: Mama, Dada and Bobo (usually used to address the correct person now), ball, bear, bat, whale, dinosaur (dadador), more and his all time favourite… No. No, the answer to every question that isn’t, ‘Would you like some Pom Bears?’. We hear it a lot, with a very certain shake of his head. He also has his own words for most farm animals and pets and can sign flower and thank you. He understands so many instructions now and will go and get things from other rooms, put things away and into the bin. He is starting to get the idea of counting and if I ask him how many there are of something he will point to each one in turn while I count.

We have had a lot of smiles and giggles recently. It is nice to have a good few weeks, because heaven knows that from this age forth there will be plenty of days where nothing goes right, plenty of clinginess, plenty of lying down on the floor due to some injustice or another, (I wasn’t allowed to drink the pond water! I wasn’t allowed to run into oncoming traffic!). There have been those moments for sure, but also a lot of contented playing, especially after dinner/ before bed, when he seems to be on his best form of the day. He’s super sociable too. I think the Mancub has always done best in one to one situations, or when he is able to talk to grown ups, but #2 loves being part of a crowd and is happy to bowl about with a group of kids, trying to keep up as best he can.

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