nineteen month update.



Appearance and Growth:
If I had to guess I would say that this guy is bang on average for his age. He’s got some chubby thighs and a toddler tummy, but otherwise is fairly lean and I am lucky that I can still carry him with relative ease on my back.

On the Move:
Last week we went to the park and all three of us piled onto the big slide together and went down. The Mancub is still kind of nervous when it comes to slides (except for water slides, that’s a whole other story), but his little brother totally showed him up by going down all by himself.

Food and Drink:
I feel like, I don’t know, but I feel like he’s getting a little less picky these days. I mean he licked some brocolli last night and ate a few peas the night before that. Typically though, at dinner he is all about the carbs, be it pasta, rice, noodles or cous cous. Lucky he’s a fruit bat, so he gets some vitamins from somewhere.

The other day he fell asleep on the way home, so I carried him upstairs and put him in his cot. I don’t know if the change disrupted him, but he woke up after only 45 minutes and in a real grump. It made me realised that he no longer wakes up sad from his nap. Most days, he is happy to come straight down to lunch and then is raring to go again. I have also been thinking about how he used to be such a crappy sleeper as a baby, waking up every 2 to 3 hours every night for at least the first six months. But now he’s been sleeping through reliably for such a long time, and we’ve carted him around a fair bit and he will go down easily in new places. I know we still have early mornings to contend with, but honestly, he’s a great sleeper and I know I’m really lucky in the respect with both of my boys.

This month he has been all about his baby doll. He carries him around, lies him on the floor and says, ‘shhhh’, pretends to feed him or gives him some milk and takes off his nappy multiple times a day and announces, ‘poo!’. It is very cute. He’s still a big fan of things with wheels and his absolute favourite is to be allowed to stand on the driver’s seat of our car and pretend to drive. Oh, and heaven help anyone else at toddler group that tries to get in that massive yellow and red plastic ride on car (you know the ubiquitous Little Tykes one I mean?), because my guy has the monopoly on that and will scream at you from 100 paces if you so much as look at it, k? This month he is also getting the hang of counting. He can’t say his numbers yet, but if you ask him how many there are of something on a page, he will point to each one in turn while you count.

I have kind of been waiting impatiently for the month where I could say, ‘We’ve had a language break through!’, and by golly, this is finally the month! Not because I think it’s particularly important for them to talk early, but man, it is so exciting when they do. I had actually forgotten that this is one of my favourite ages, just because they start acquiring words so quickly. He is saying all sorts of words now. His firm favourite is ‘uh-oh’, to be used at every opportunity, even if he has to contrive a situation by dropping something on the floor. My favourite is ‘goggles’, just because it’s so random, and he says it so clearly. He says bye bye and hello really clearly too and is also starting to join in with songs and action rhymes by shouting out the last word. Oh, and he also surprised me by saying two colours, yellow and blue, so if you ask him what colour something is, he will almost certainly give you one of those for an answer.

I swear there are weeks when I am about ready to give up being at home, because my littlest boy can be so clingy and whingey, but then every time I come to write an update we seem to be smack in the middle of a really lovely phase. He is so gentle and affectionate, not just with me, but with his brother, friends and his toys too. He’s a real sensitive little soul and gets very embarrassed if he falls over or thinks he’s being told off and drops his head and won’t look at anyone. He’s feisty too though. We had a long phase of him getting upset about getting in and out of his car seat and especially coming into the house after an outing, but I went back to Joyful Toddlers and reread some of their strategies and they seem to have worked a treat. He’s a pretty adventurous spirit and loves to be with the big kids, especially being thrown around on a trampoline or bouncy castle or copying his brother’s every move.

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