hi. i’m stef.


One time, on a whim, I started a blog and called it An Easy World. Mainly because it referenced my favourite ever band, but also because I had just given up teaching to stay at home with my one small baby (The Mancub, born October 2011) and was overwhelmed at how much joy there was to be found in spending my days with a tiny human. The year that followed the birth of our second child (#2, born October 2013), was considerably less easy, and I learned a lot of humility, a lot of empathy with the parents of children who don’t sleep and eventually, that everything passes, and comes good in the end.

We live by the seaside in the UK and my days with these two boys are by turn inspiring, exhausting, carefree and chaotic. I sometimes think I might lose my mind if I have to clean the highchair again, but yet I can’t think of any other way that I’d rather spend my time than watching them grow, reading them books, giving them cuddles.

I come here to write, as a way of documenting their childhood and of dissecting my role as a parent, not least how my job as a housewife marries up with my feminist ideals. I am grateful for every reader and for every comment and message that I receive, so thank you for stopping by.

I also have a Tumblr where I post links to parenting articles, quotes and reblog random stuff I like and an Instagram, where I try (and usually fail), to post photos of things other than my children.

‘Don’t make it hard now, it’s an Easy World.’